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Lynn N. said,

I have had problems with my knee for the last 2 years, and had a meniscus repair in January. I also have some small areas of arthritis in the same knee that have been giving me a lot of pain, fluid build up, and swelling. When I get out of bed in the morning it takes me about 10 minutes before I can walk without a lot of pain and without a limp. Both times after doing cryoZone, the pain and the limp were significantly better! The staff was great, and there was immediate benefit from it!

Rob S. said,

Love the deep freeze! Gives me energy and takes away any aches and pains. It also makes me have better sleep.

Jessica M. said,

I was pleasantly surprised by the results of my first cryo session. Looking forward to going back.

Kenn C. said,

Keep up the good work Tyler! Science and technology are amazing. Glad you are helping so many people feel better!

I finally got a chance to try this out last week after a workout. It was a heavy day for me and that typically leads to a very sore next few days...this time it did not and now I am a true believer in Cryo Therapy! Thanks Tyler!

Scott E. said,

Our service is 5 out of 5 on FaceBook
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