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This is not another trend. This is a lifestyle.

Our CryoSauna.

 Step inside for 2-3 minutes and step out, rejuvenated.

Experience the Benefits.
Body Conscious
Blonde Woman Smiling

Reduced Pain and Inflammation.

Decreased Muscle Soreness.

Lowered Fatigue.

Diminished Chronic Pain.

Increased Metabolic Rate.

Tighter, Youthful skin.

Better Sleep.

Enhanced Performance.

Assists in Surgical Recovery.

Immune System Boost.

Promotes Blood Circulation.

This works.

Studies have shown that Cryotherapy is extremely beneficial to one's well being. 

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178 Rolling Ridge Drive, State College, PA 16801

Located in Victory Sports

Open Monday to Friday 3PM - 7PM

Other times and days by appointment only


Experience 2019

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